Canadian Blast at Music Matters Live in Singapore - Day 1
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Singapore, May 24, 2012: Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker (USS) @ Crazy Elephant

A fruit basket and blender on stage?? What's up with that?! Some of us wondered while we waited for Toronto-based USS to come on.

Though that was soon forgotten when the band finally appeared on stage. Turntablist Jason "Human Kebab" Parsons is the undeniable master of showmanship. The man was on full throttle, sprinting from behind the decks and into the crowd, thrilling them with his manic antics which at one point involved a chair?! Charismatic lead singer and guitarist Ash Boo-Schultz did not disappoint either, belting out their songs with a helluva gusto.

Towards the end of the set it then became obvious what the fruit basket and blender were for (besides bits of fruit being used to pelt the drum kit) - making banana and berry smoothies to toast the audience of course!

In a full house untypical of a Thursday night it is without a doubt that USS' high energy set and winning tunes (such as Yo Hello Hooray (Everyday)) as well as that great sing-a-long to Oasis' Wonderwall will be stuck in the heads of this crowd for weeks to come. We had a blast fo'sure!

The Crazy Elephant was USS' first stop at Music Matters Live, and the band will have more shows in different venues (including the Main Stage) over the next two nights in Clarke Quay.

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