2013-03-10 SXSW 2013

Welcome to the 8th Annual Canadian Blast at SXSW 2013!

We have a great group of Business' and Artists from all across Canada heading south as part of the Canadian Blast 2013. Events kick off at the Canada Stand on Sunday, March 10 at the Austin Convention Center and then head into our can't miss BBQ showcase at Brush Square. After that we'll be at Canada House,  Thursday through Saturday during the afternoons (12pm - 3pm), this year located at Friends (208 E 6th St) - come check out 27 fantastic performances featuring provincial spotlights from Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario and British Columbia.

Please note the Canadian Blast sampler is only available for a limited time, until April 15, 2013.

Download the Canadian Blast Gig Schedule PDF

Meet the Canadian Companies in Attendance | Check out the Canadian Blast Gig Schedule Online

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